Crowdfunding: A Resource Exchange Perspective WIP to appear in CHI 2013

Online crowdfunding has gained attention among novice entrepreneurs as an effective platform for funding their ventures. However, a focus on the financial nature of the relationship has obscured the complex interpersonal in- teractions involving the exchange of non-financial re- sources. Drawing from resource exchange theory in the marketing literature, we look at the exchange of re- sources and the mechanisms that facilitate this exchange in online crowdfunding. We analyzed 81 popular online crowdfunding platforms to reveal the exchange of various resources including: money, love, information, status, goods, and services through mediated, unmediated, and hybrid structures. Using resource exchange theory as a lens, we examine crowdfunding as a new type of crowdwork platform and explain how resource exchange theory can help the HCI community understand new, crowdwork platforms (CHI2013_Crowdfunding_AResourceExchangePerspective)