Jacobs Foundation References

During the Jacobs Foundation YS Alumni Meeting “Increasing the Impact of our Science Through Public Outreach, Dissemination and Scaling”, I deli titled: 1% inspiration; 99% perspiration…and more, I made several references which I have tried to capture below:



Design for America: Shaping the Next Generation of Social Innovators

Brave Initiatives: Girls building a better world through code

Peer review articles


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Body Sketch


To play “Body Sketch,” people stand in a circle facing each other. The first person steps into the middle of the circle to offer an idea, such as, “I am a screen.”  Rather than deliberating as a group, a second person may jump in, adding something like, “I am a trackpad.” A third person adds a third element to the sketch, such as “I am a keyboard.” Now the first person leaves the circle, taking another person with him/her. The remaining person idea is used as the next starting off point, and the activity continues to develop and test these triadic scenes of situations. To be sure, some “sketches” work well and the team members all nod with satisfaction. As for other “sketches”, even if they do not work well, the activity continues.

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