Exemplar Research

Students often ask for examples of representative papers. Here are a few that my colleagues and students have found to be examplar over the years.

Literature Reviews

  • Fitzpatrick, G. and Ellingsen, G. (2013). A review of 25 years of CSCW Research in Healthcare: Contributions, Challenges, and Future Agendas. JCSCW. 22(4) 609-665.
  • Froehlich, Jon, Leah Findlater, and James Landay. “The design of eco-feedback technology.” Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, 2010.
  • Ainsworth, Shaaron. “DeFT: A conceptual framework for considering learning with multiple representations.” Learning and Instruction 16.3 (2006): 183-198.
  • Ainsworth, Shaaron. “The functions of multiple representations.” Computers & Education 33.2 (1999): 131-152.

Systems Papers

  • Bernstein, Michael S., et al. “Soylent: a word processor with a crowd inside.” Proceedings of the 23nd annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology. ACM, 2010.
  • How (Not to) Write a Systems Paper¬†

Qualitative Research

  • Hargadon, Andrew, and Robert I. Sutton. “Technology brokering and innovation in a product development firm.” Administrative science quarterly¬†(1997): 716-749.