While I believe one can teach design and innovation in many contexts, my students, colleagues, and I have created a few useful tools to help students at the Northwestern’s Segal Design Institute and Stanford’s


mockupdeck  mockups

Mock-ups is a game my students and I designed to support building mock-ups quickly.  We are working to make this game widely available to anyone who would like a deck.

When playing Mock-ups, we’ve found it useful to have a material cart on hand (see cart in background).

Materials Cart


Quick instructions for making the cart:

  1. Purchase a bin box shelving system and size F bins from McMaster.
  2. Fill bins with lo fidelity prototyping materials such as: glue, sharpies, pencils, crayons, string, construction paper, white paper, post-it notes, popsicle sticks, pom poms, pipe cleaners, rubber bands, fabric, cardboard, bowls, and anything else you can think of!

Mockup Materials Cart Info: Two pager description of the who, why, and how of making this cart!

Project description

Here I have listed a few things that we have learned about what makes for a good class project.