Monthly Archives: September 2013

OpEd Fellowship video released

The OpEd Fellowship video has been released. For those who have heard me talk about this incredible program, here’s an opportunity to watch a video that shows a bit behind the scenes.   I am remain immensely grateful for my participation and to our amazing editors, Michelle Weldon and EJ Graff who led us through the storm.

CSCW 2014 Workshop Accepted : Structures for Knowledge Co-creation Between Organisations and the Public

I’m thrilled to be helping to lead a workshop at CSCW 2014 examining how social computing technologies have emerged to support innovative new relationships between organisations and the public. We discuss how this work has been inspired by concepts such as collective intelligence, citizen science, citizen journalism and crowdsourcing, diverse types of organisations are aiming to increase engagement with the public, collect localised knowledge, or leverage human cognition and creativity. In supporting these approaches, organisations are often provoked to make their data and processes more open, and to be inclusive of differing motivations and perspectives from inside and outside the organisation. In doing so, they raise new questions for both designers and organisations. For example how are “official‟ and „unofficial‟ information sources combined or hosted, mediated, or considered reliable? Does the role of the professional change through greater involvement of amateurs? How are the motivations of members of the public harnessed for mutual benefit? This workshop brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers to address those questions from different perspectives.