Monthly Archives: December 2012

Does Crowdfunding Fail Some of the Most Promising Entrepreneurs: OpEd appears in Huffington Post

“Crowdfunding” is the latest buzzword in entrepreneurial life. No longer do budding capitalists need to find one rich investor; they can instead reach out to thousands of people, asking for $50 each. But not every budding entrepreneur has a social network that includes people who can afford to give away $50. As a result, crowdfunding is helping well-connected middle-class entrepreneurs–and leaving many others’ brilliant ideas behind. Check out the OpEd based on our lab’s research in the Huffington Post

PhD Students Receive Design Cluster Fellowship

Julie Hui and Mike Greenberg received the Design Cluster Fellowship, created to establish a robust and sustainable multi-disciplinary research program in design methodology. Julie will be working with myself and Dr. Gergle on research on crowd funding networks.  Mike will be working with myself and Dr. Easterday on crowd feedback. Congratulations Julie and Mike!

Selected as one of the top people re-imagining the world through design

I’m honored to be have selected by Public Interest Design as one of the top people re-imagining the world through design. I’m privilege to know wonderful colleagues and mentors on this list including David Kelley, Mariana Amatullo, Sara and George Aye, Heather Flemming, James Patell, Krista Donaldson, Bill Drentell, Thomas Fisher, Sam Goldman, Ned Tozun, Dawn Hancock, John Syversten, Joceyln Wyatt, Emily Pilloton, and Brad Pitt (just kidding).