Innovation work can be challenging. It requires going against the status quo, persistence in the face of failure, and uncertainty. Over the last decade, we have developed several tools to support innovation work.  While tools are categorized by innovation task, many tools can be used across tasks.

Project Scoping

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Here is a link to a pdf of the ScopingWheel


Trifecta of Feedback is a framework for receiving feedback. It involves 3 steps:
Step 1
Listen to the feedback.  Remember the feedback is about the idea, not you.
Step 2
Thank people who give feedback. Whether you agree or not, the person cared enough about the idea to share his or her thoughts.
Step 3
Place the feedback in one of three buckets labeled Accept. Reject. Reflect further. Just because feedback is given does not mean that it needs to be integrated into the work.


Mockups is a card game that challenges people to rapidly build mock-ups to satisfy the unique needs of users (Ex. design a product for mothers who need a way to travel to space that is biodegradable) . Please reach out to me if you are interested in getting a pack.